Development of 3d visualization of design, architecture and landscape according to the terms of reference or with our help. 
Cooperation with architects and designers. Help in the beautiful submission of the project to the customer.

What is 3d visualization for?

You get a unique opportunity to see your home in all its glory before the repair or construction begins. 
Evaluate all the pros and cons and also pick options to be absolutely confident in your choice and boldly move to the result.

What do we offer:

-3d visualization of interiors of living quarters, office centers, public and industrial buildings

- 3d visualization of the exterior of individual houses, office buildings, public buildings and structures

- 3d visualization of landscape and small forms

- 3d modeling and visualization of furniture and decor items

- 3d animation of architecture, furniture, decor

How much does it cost? 
Prices are determined individually, based on the material provided. Having reviewed the terms of reference, 
we will select the best price / quality / time solution for you. 
When working on a permanent basis, there is a system of discounts. 

- Visualization of a private house: from 1000 UAH. 
- Visualization of multi-storey buildings: from 5000 UAH. 
- Visualization of the landscape: from 2500 UAH. 
- Visualization of the interior: from 120 UAH / meter. 
- Subject visualization: from 1500 UAH.